Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Great grandma Eliza

Great Grandma Eliza was born in 1855 in Downham Market, to an agricultural labourer and his wife. She was the 8th of 10 children. Her father John died when she was 8, and her mother remarried three years later. Now her new stepfather was also a widower, with six children of his own. The 1871 census shows an assortment from both families all living together in Stow Bardolph near Downham. Eliza was working as a domestic servant by then, for Bunkall the butcher in Downham. In 1878 she had an illegitimate child, Beatrice. Then in 1880 she married her step -brother Robert. They had six children, including my grandma Emma. In later life she "went a bit mad" according to her grandson. She took to her bed and was never seen outdoors. She lived through WW1, and saw all her children leave home, three of the girls went to London, and the boys to nearby villages. Daisy stayed in the village, and ran the local post office.
Eliza died in 1933 after this long, mysterious illness. I often think about her and wonder what she suffered with. Poor grandma Eliza.

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