Sunday, February 26, 2012

Albert and Daisy's wedding

Daisy and Albert's wedding group 13 Jul 1918, Stow Bardolph, Norfolk
 Daisy CHAPMAN was my great aunt (sister to my maternal grandma Emma), and this is a group photo taken after her wedding to Albert LAKE in Stow Bardolph church, Norfolk. The photo is taken outside their cottage, which is still there in Stow. It's the first pair you reach after leaving the Hare Arms. My nan, Emma, is standing behind the child on the left of the picture, next to her & Daisy's father Robert. Daisy's mum, Eliza, is standing behind Albert. All of Daisy's siblings are in the photo. Frederick, Ted, Nell, Ada and my grandma Emma

Daisy and Albert

Daisy and Albert ran the Post Office in Stow Bardolph. The CHAPMAN family lived in the left hand cottage of the pair. The post box is still there built into the wall outside the right hand cottage. The second photo is a close up of Albert and Daisy. Their marriage took place on 13 Jul 1918, so towards the end of the war. Albert must have got leave for a couple of days. Yet again, my grandad is missing from the photo. I presume he was the photographer again? There seems to be a pattern emerging here. I always thought photography was a hobby for him, and maybe it was, but it also means I don't have that many early photos of him. I've always been interested in film photography. I had my own camera (an Ilford sprite) from a very early age (certainly before I left primary school).  After my mum died and I inherited the family albums, I discovered pages of photos dating back to the 1920s and earlier. Although these days I have a digital camera, my husband has recently rediscovered the joys of film cameras!

the cottages today
This is the pair of cottages today(taken using google maps-an excellent source for family historians!). Very little change except for the windows.


SheilaMatilda said...

Lovely. They certainly look pleased with themselves, especially Albert!

Ginny2cats said...

Wonderful that Albert got through the war and came back to her.

Sheila Pratt said...

What beautiful pictures. Makes one want to drop over for a visit with your lovely family. xoxoxo