Thursday, February 23, 2012

At the Blue Lagoon, Hunstanton, where I learned to swim.

Taken in about 1930 at the Blue Lagoon Swimming Pool, Hunstanton. It shows Millie, Dennis, Jessie and Mary.  Looking closer I think they are possibly sitting on a bench on the promenade in front of the pool.  Alas the pool was filled in and turned into a car park in the late 60s/early 70s. Shame on the town council.

  Lots of early memories are based at the swimming pool. Icy waters for school lessons - first question on arrival was always "what temperature is it?" Invariably it was high 50s low/60s...brrr.... The little windows visible in this photo were of the changing rooms. One set looked out over the prom and beach, the other looked inwards over the pool. I'm still trying to make up my mind which these are. The criss-cross work is the upper balcony where we used to sunbathe. A swim as a child was always followed by an orange fanta(?) and a packet of cheese and onion crisps. Even today that flavour of crisps takes me back 45 years to the pool. Then there was the mangle which squeezed most of the water out of our cozzies after we'd got dressed. And the Seagull Rooms for the Club members, up the steps by the little garden. "It's a Knockout" was held there in the last years before it closed.


Since starting to collect postcards, I've managed to find a few of the Blue Lagoon. This first one shows the water slides, and the cafe. It's before the fountain and paddling pool were built. The Sandringham Hotel is also there in the background.

This second postcard (below) is later, and shows the upper balcony/terrace I mentioned, and you can now see the fountain in front of the cafe. And of course, the pier in the distance.
This final card is one I tried to buy on ebay a few years ago, but got sniped in the final seconds. It shows the opening of the swimming pool on 26th May 1928 by Lord Fermoy and Mercedes Gleitze. A lovely, rare postcard...

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SheilaMatilda said...

Love the old postcards Sheila. What luxury having a mangle for you cozzies, nothing like that these days