Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Emma and Helena WEEDEN

I love this photo of my grandma Emma with her mother in law Helena. They are sharing a joke and seem to be getting along together very well. Later on, the photos show my nan looking less happy. I think my grandparents' marriage was not particularly happy, so I revel in seeing my nan looking so happy in this one.
I also love their clothes, especially Emma's hairnet. I guess this is the 1910's, maybe during the war? Emma was born in 1891, so she must be in her late 20s. She married my grandfather in 1915, and her first born arrived in October of 1919, as written previously.

Actually, thinking about it, I wonder if this is one of the first meetings between Emma and Helena. Maybe Richard has brought his girlfriend home to meet his parents for the first time even?
What do you think? Does she seem younger or older than in the 1919 picnic photos?

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