Friday, February 10, 2012

WEEDEN Family Picnic 1919

This photo shows possibly a typical WEEDEN family picnic afternoon probably in the late summer of 1919. The WEEDENs are my mother's side of the family.

My nan, Emma is the person on the right looking at the camera. She's looking fairly pregnant, and her first born arrived in October of that year.It's probably my grandad Richard behind the lens as he was the photographer in the family. On the left with the big white collared dress is Ada, her sister in law, aged 17. She was to die just 4 years later, a few days after her 21st birthday. Next to Ada is her sister Lilian with unknown boyfriend (maybe first husband David?), then her sister Flo with fiance Alf. Alf died a few years later too.They were married for just five years. next to Alf, is Harry aged 14 but looking younger.Then the matriarch Helena their mother. I've just realised that their father Joseph is missing from the photo.

Next to Helena is Albert with first wife Susannah and the mystery child. Noone in the family knows who the child was. Was he Albert & Susannah's? He'd be about 4 or 5 as Albert & Susannah married in 1913. This is the only other photo that exists of Albert with the 'mystery child' The photo was in an album that had to be hidden away until its owner (my mum) died for fear of upsetting other family members (most probably Albert's second wife). I suppose every family has it's skeleton, but I don't understand the mystery surrounding the child. He should have been embraced by the family instead of hidden away. I wonder if I'll ever find out who he is/was? It makes me so sad.

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