Sunday, February 12, 2012

WEEDEN family posing by a gate 1919

This is the third photo from the Summer's day series. My guess is that they've finished their picnic and are on their way back home? They're looking pretty relaxed and well fed. All the family is there again, apart from my grandfather Richard, the photographer. Flo & Alf on the left, Lil & David next, then Albert & Susannah, Harry, Helena, ghostly Ada and my nan Emma. You can really see her pregnant belly now. Susannah's eyes are off to the edge of the photo-maybe the mystery child is over there? It's nice to see Emma linking arms with her mum-in-law. They always seemed to get on really well. I've got a lovely photo of them a few years earlier which I'll dig out for another post soon. I wonder where this place is? Somewhere in Surrey, as they all lived in Southwark.

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