Thursday, March 1, 2012

Great, great, great granny Maria THORNTON

This is a coup - one of the earliest photo images I have come across for any of my ancestors. I came by this photo recently through a new cousin found online. Maria was born Maria SWIFT in Freiston, Lincolnshire in 1819. After marrying John THORNTON in 1844, they moved backwards and forwards between Hunts (Alconbury), where John worked as a farm bailiff, and Lincs (Bourne). They had seven children, of whom two died before they reached ten, two reached their late 20s early 30s, and the last three, all girls as it happened, lived to adulthood.

Maria and John were landlords of two Bourne pubs. First the Bull, in the 1870s, then the Nag's Head (aready introduced here). Maria was running it single-handed in 1881/82, John having died in 1880. She was still there, aged 71 in 1891. She died at the house of her daughter Martha and husband George MAYS five years later in 1896.

This photo of her was passed to me by George & Martha's great grandson Simon to whom I am very grateful. She is looking very solemn, and looks to be in mourning dress, so definitely post 1880. Certainly towards the end of her life.


Ginny2cats said...

How wonderful to have such a great image.

SheilaMatilda said...

Great picture, definitely looks like she is in mourning, even the jet beads!