Monday, February 20, 2012

Great aunt Lil

Elegant Lil
 This is my great aunt Lilian WEEDEN, sister to my grandad Richard, and great aunt Ada. She was born in 1896 in Bermondsey. I love this photo of her(on left) as she looks so elegant and fashionable. 

Lil and John 1944
She married twice. Firstly to David GUNNING, in 1922, then in 1952 to John MATTHEWS, her real love, with whom she'd lived for many years. She was 55 when they were eventually free to marry. Tragically he died at the end of 1956.

me, Lil, grandad Richard c1960
She spent quite a lot of time with my family in Norfolk during the 1960s until her death in January 1968. She was already in her 60s when I remember her, and already suffering a form of dementia. We teased her relentlessly by repeating the same joke over and over again, with her having no memory of it.  I've just remembered that we always received an identical present every Christmas, a matching brush and comb set, sometimes with a mirror.

She was part of our family Summers and Christmases all through early childhood and I was very upset when news of her death, at her home in Lewisham, came at the end of the Christmas holiday, brought by a policeman to our festive door. I felt especially guilty as, when she was too unwell to come for Christmas, I'd swapped her intended present for a cheap piece of jewellery....which she never received anyway.  R.I.P great aunt Lil.


SheilaMatilda said...

Another sad story Sheila but you have lovely memories of her

fengirl said...

I DO have some happy stories to tell, honestly!