Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wimbotsham School, Norfolk 1902

This school photo dates from 1902. I have three ancestors pictured. Front row, 2nd from right is Daisy CHAPMAN. My nan, Emma (Daisy's sister) is two rows back, directly behind Daisy-the tall girl with the white apron next to the baby. Then there is Frank WRIGHT, Daisy and Emma's cousin, second row back, fourth from left. They all lived in Stow Bardolph, and walked down to Wimbotsham school and back every day-not that far then, but today the A10 trunk road slices through between the two villages. The village has changed very little in the last hundred years, especially the village centre. The Chequers pub is still there. And the large green with the oak tree at its heart.

Here are some postcards from my collection:

There are some modern photos of the village here.

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Rog said...

hi fengirl,
yes, the 100 strangers project is quite fun and a great learning experience. it wasn't my idea though, it was started by a guy on flickr called 'teppo'. there's a 100 strangers website if you're interested in learning more about it.

so far so good. i've only had one person refuse, and that's because she said she didn't like how she looked in photographs. but other than her, no malicious type refusals or angry people. i think it really depends on who you ask, the situation, and how you ask them. when you describe the project, most don't mind at all. some are more enthusiastic than others as well...not sure if that's just a factor of their personality though.

if you're into portraits or shooting people in general, you should give it a try.

interesting task you've inherited with your family tree. i think someone in my extended family did one a few years ago. BIG task, glad it wasn't me doing it. best of luck with yours though. if you ever lose motivation, just think about how cool it will be when it is 'done', or at least finished to a fairly extensive point. others may not be interested in it, but guaranteed when it's done, they'll all be interested to see it.