Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jessie's daughters Millie and Mary

Millie and Mary-half sisters
Jessie was my Great Grandmother and I introduced her to you here. Today I want to tell you more about her two daughters, my Great Aunts Millie and Mary, seen here together on the left.

millie & sheila
Millie and me 1956
Great Aunt Millie  was Jessie's daughter (born 5th Jan 1883) before her marriage to Charles. She married Jack TURVEY at West Dereham Church on 24 Mar 1913 when she was 30 years old. When my father Dennis was born in October 1921, Millie and Jack had been trying for a baby for 8 years. I don't know the circumstances but it was decided that Millie and Jack would have Dennis from Geoff and Joyce and bring him up. Dennis was married from their house at 96, Bexwell Rd, Downham Market. I also believe that my parents lived with Millie and Jack when they were first married. As children, my sisters and I spent several happy holidays there. I remember the mulit-coloured glass roof to the kitchen where we blew the most beautiful bubbles in the world. I also remember her rocking chair on which I was never allowed to sit, and making tents with the table and a large tablecloth. Also the privy in the garden. I remember being allowed, as a very young child, to go to the sweet shop at the bottom of Bexwell Rd (now sadly gone.)The photo above is of Millie and I in 1955 when I was a few months old. Millie's husband Jack died on 29 Aug 1952, and Millie lived until 19 May 1963. They are buried together at Downham Market cemetery.

Mary c1930
Great Aunt Mary was born on 22 Nov 1899 to Charles and Jessie BRUCE. She never married and lived at Station Rd, West Dereham, Norfolk for almost the whole of her life. She looked after Jessie, her mother, until she died in 1960, and had a Scottish lodger called Robert. She was devoted to her half sister Millie. As children we spent many summer holidays with her. She had a wonderful doll's house, and a bag of shiny, twinkly fabric offcuts. There was a pump in the back yard, and delicious white currant bushes in the (seemingly) huge garden, with a privy at the bottom of the garden. There were no mod cons at all in her house. Certainly no bathroom. Did she cook on a range? Alas, the row of cottages are no longer there, having been developed into one large detached house. 

Mary 1990s
She spent the final few years of her life at High Haven Home in Downham Market, where she died on 23 May 1997 aged 97. She is buried in West Dereham churchyard, in the new plot opposite the church. Recently, I was told that Mary had loved a boy who went away to WW1 and didn't return. So very sad, and the fate of so very many young women.


SheilaMatilda said...

More lovely childhood memories for you Sheila. So sad to hear of the many young women who lost their sweethearts to the war. There were not enough men to go round after that.

KathyB. said...

What a treasure trove of information & history presented so lovingly. A blog like this is a wonderful idea for genealogists.My husband & I had been checking out a UK family history site only a few minutes ago.

I have often looked at old photographs and wondered what was going on behind the scenes, what stories would the people in them have to tell?

My husband is the family history researcher , I am going to have him take a look at your blog.