Sunday, March 11, 2012

And yet another pub ! - The Rose and Crown, Hilgay, Norfolk

I must admit to being taken aback by the number of pub landlords I've found whilst doing my family history. We've recently had posts about The 3 Crows, and The 3 Blackbirds. Today it's the turn of the Rose and Crown in Hilgay, Norfolk.

While George BRUCE was running the 3 Blackbirds iin Ely in 1901, his brother Alfred was landlord of the Rose and Crown in Hilgay. I have sadly been unable to find an old postcard image of the pub. I'm sure one must exist. This is a fairly recent photo of the pub.

Alfred and Jane (nee DIXON, a Hilgay girl) had four children baptised at the church during the  brief period they lived in the village. By 1908 the family had decamped to Border House in Fordham where Alfred farmed until his death in 1935.

This is one branch of my family in which I have yet to find a living descendent. Several of their children died in childhood, but I do have details of the marriages of two of their daughters.

 Charlotte BRUCE married Walter G. MONK in Sep qtr 1921 (Downham reg. area) and Edith BRUCE married William C WHITE in Mar qtr 1928, (Downham reg. area) There was also a son Alfred George who died in Cambridge in 1984, but I'm not sure if he married.


SheilaMatilda said...

you certainly have boozers in your blood Sheila. Perhaps you should go into the business!

fengirl said...

Well I was a barmaid once. That's probably the closest I'll get to it ;-)

English_Gent said...

That picture of the Rose & Crown is mid 90's to early 2000's time. Unfortunately it has been closed for around 3 years now and shows no signs of reopening. The people of Hilgay were given the chance to raise £260,000 to save it, but i don't think they have. Some say it was purposely run to the ground so it could be sold off to make way for new flats.But i don't know how true that it. Shame as it was always such a lovely pub that has been around since the 18th Century. Was always lovely in the summer when boaters from the nearby river would come in for a few drinks a bite to eat and mix with the locals.