Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Chequers PH in Downham Market

This is where the traffic lights are today in the centre of Downham Market. The Chequers PH is the building on the right at the bottom of Bexwell Rd. Today it's a patch of grass as the pub was demolished in the 1960s so that Lynn Rd could be widened. The Wesleyan Chapel building is still there as is the shop (Sew Inn). I think the boys may be playing marbles! This postcard was posted in 1932.

Milestone in Wimbotsham.

This is the advert taken from a 1951 copy of the 
Downham Market town guide. 

 Back of postcard addressed to the Chequers, (Robert  Edward HARPER was the landlord between 1900 and 1923)

Memorial card of the landlord

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