Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Chequers, Wimbotsham,...yes, another Norfolk pub in my family history

The Chequers in recent years

The Chequers in Wimbotsham is a pub which has figured quite a lot in my life so why should I be surprised that it appears in my family tree?          
[I wrote about Wimbotsham School on February 15th. It was where my nan and her sisters went to school].

I'm happy to say I DO have an old postcard of this pub. Here it is below.

The Chequers pre WW1

It was also the village pub where the Morris and Molly dancing group, with whom I used to dance, met for a drink from the early 1980s onwards, after dance practice on a Monday night. (In fact they are still drinking there). It was also venue of choice for my post wedding lunchtime buffet back in 1992!

In 2001 when I started researching my family tree I was in the habit of sending letters to people with the right surname in the right location. One day in about October I had a phone call from Ben, out of the blue, as he'd received my letter from his sister in law. We had a long chat and he was able to tell me quite a lot of names and dates of  people in his branch of the family for me to add to the tree.

It was, therefore, with great sadness that I read his obituary in the local paper in January 2012, just a few weeks later. It was there, as so very often happens, that I discovered the 'real' history. Ben and Adelaide his wife lived at The Chequers for the first six months of married life, as his mother in law was the licensee. In March 1948, he took over as licensee following his mother in law's death. He and his wife lived at the pub until 1955. Ben and Adelaide were married for 54 years, and apart for only 8 months. They both died in 2001 and their ashes are buried together in Wimbotsham Churchyard.

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Eric said...

Chequers must have been a popular pub name, roit? As I recall, D.M. had one as well? I think some relatives ran it for a while, though I would have to check my notes. Glad to hear of your many fond associations with Chequers-Wimbotsham. :*)