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Helena MIMMS my great grandmother

Helena Alice MIMMS was born on 12th April 1866 to James and Mary Ann MIMMS (née WOOD) at 1 Dockhead Place, Bermondsey. She was the second of nine children. All but one grew to adulthood.  In 1881, she was described as errand girl. She married Joseph WEEDEN in 1888 at Newington.  They had 7 children of whom 5 survived. 

The image below(left) is on a glass plate. The right hand one is an attempt to digitally clean up the damage done over the years. It is of Helena as a young mum with 3 of her children. If the child on the left is her eldest, then they would be from l. to r. Albert, Lil (baby) Richard (my grandad). It dates from 1896.  It's one of the most precious images to come to me from my mum.

Helena had a hard life, made worse by the ill health of Joseph. In 1911, she was head of household with the younger 5 children in Bermondsey. Joseph was in Bermondsey Infirmary.  She lost her daughter Ada to pneumonia and her husband Joseph to T.B. within 2 months of each other in 1923. 

 I have found her on several London Electoral registers right up to 1938, living at 60, Heaton Rd, Camberwell. She would have been 72 then.

In her latter years she lived at each of her children's homes in turns for part of the year. She was a great character. Mum admired her greatly, and loved her to take her turn staying at the Chalet in Downham. It was Helena who told my mum all she knew about the family history that has now been passed on to me.

I can picture her drinking gin in the Rampant Horse Inn in Downham Market. She lived to the ripe old age of 94. She died on 16th May 1960 and is buried with Joseph and Ada at Nunhead.

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