Tuesday, March 27, 2012

John (Henry Winfield) MIMMS

Another day, another MIMMS person from my tree! This one is an interesting character. He was born plain and simple John, no middle names. He was the brother of my James MIMMS, born in 1851 in Southwark St Thomas. He went to Queen Elizabeth's School and St. Bride's Institute, Southwark and then in 1873, emigrated to USA . His naturalization papers date from 2 Sep 1880. He was living in Burlington, Vermont.

On the 1880 census, his occupation is stenographer.

He married Leonora Campbell HUNTINGTON in 1882, in Springfield, Illinois. At this point he decided, for some reason, that plain old John wasn't enough. Whatever the reason, his marriage certificate states 'John Henry Winfield MIMMS'.  (I suspect his nephew John H W MIMMS made him think how much grander it sounded). 

He was Lt. Colonel of the 1st Vermont Infantry in the Spanish American War, commanding the regiment most of the time. He enlisted 2 April 1898, and was discharged 17 Nov 1898.

The 1900 US census shows him as a court reporter.
1900-1902  He was Chief of Staff to Governor Stickney for 2 years.

In 1905 he travelled back to England just for a short period. There may well have been a family event.

118, Spruce St, Burlington

A cousin researching this family travelled to USA  and he photographed the house where John and Leonora lived in 1920-1930. I have been unable to find this address on the 1910 or 1920 census. The 1930 census shows them at this address. John's occupation says law ....... .

                           John died on 30 Jul 1930.

John's obituary appeared in the local newspaper.

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