Saturday, March 17, 2012

My maternal great grandfather Robert

This is my nan Emma's father Robert CHAPMAN. Born in Wimbotsham to William and Ellen nee BONUS in 1858. Lived his whole life in Stow Bardolph. He worked for the Hare Estate as a general labourer, and also managed the cricket ground. He married Eliza CATCHPOLE in 1880 at the Primitive Chapel in Downham Market (above right).  When Robert was only 5, his mother Ellen died in childbirth..At the age of 13, in 1871, he is described as being in the Ely Militia Co 89. He and Eliza had six children together, plus Eliza's child she had before their marriage. They had four girls, (Emma, Daisy, Ada and Ellen) and two boys Edward and Frederick(whom I know very little about).

The picture to the left here shows Robert being poured a pint by Harry Sayles, landlord of the Hare Arms (and before you ask, noone in my family was ever landlord there!!!!)

My mum knew Robert well. She told me that he loved fishing and smoking his pipe. She remembered him as being "a nice old man".


I love this family group on the left c 1927. Robert is far right. Albert on the left, the three sisters Daisy, Emma, and Nell seated in the middle. The three children are from left to right, Daisy's daughter Marjorie, my mum, and my uncle Ray. I note that Eliza isn't present. The photographer? Only one person it can be!

Robert looked after his wife Eliza for the last years of her life, until she died in 1933. He then outlived her by ten years. He died in 1943. They are buried together in Stow Bardolph churchyard.

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SheilaMatilda said...

More lovely photos Sheila. It is nice to see the family snaps as well as studio photos. Seeing people as they really were so to say.