Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ok, this is what I know about Dennis my father

Dennis was born on 21 October 1921 at Station Rd, West Dereham to Geoff and Joyce
When Dennis was born my great aunt Millie and her husband Jack had been trying for a baby for 8 years. I don't know the circumstances but it was decided that Millie and Jack would have Dennis from Geoff and Joyce and bring him up. He went to Downham Grammar School and by all accounts did quite well. I have lots of pictures (including the blog photo at the top here) which show that he spent a lot of time with his grandma Jessie, as well as his aunt Mary.


During the war he was in the RAF (he worked as a radio mechanic) and served in the Middle East. 

Dennis was married from Millie's house at 96, Bexwell Rd, Downham Market in August 1946. I also believe that my parents lived with Millie and Jack when they were first married. 

After the war he trained as a Public Health Inspector, and worked mainly in Wisbech. In April 1959 he started work for Hunstanton UDC. The family moved there at Easter 1959. 
He was never happy in Hunstanton, and a deep depression set in from which he never recovered.

He took his own life on 11th August of that same year at the Sandringham Hotel, which has since been demolished. (His office was situated there). He is buried in Downham Market cemetery. 
My next post will be one that I have been wanting to write for many years about how his death and absence affected our family, and me in particular.


SheilaMatilda said...

A very sad story Sheila xxx

Eric said...

It all seems so very complicated and, yes, very sad. I hope this journey is a helpful one. You know, sometimes you can never really know a father. Mine is still alive and I don't think that I'll ever understand him. Sometimes, I find peace in just learning to accept and knowing that I don't have all the answers. May you find what gives you peace on your journey.


Ginny2cats said...

Odd isn't it, all that other info on your blogs and one key person with so little for you to grasp? I didn't even know this much, so thanks for sharing.xel

Sheila Pratt said...

Dearest She,

My heart goes out to you and your family for enduring such a tragedy. If only these loved ones could understand the painful legacy they leave when they take their lives. My therapist told me it was not my children's father's choice when he took his life. It was his sickness. That helped a lot.

We will never know that kind of torment, and every time we send them love, it will advance their soul and bring us more peace.

So many wonderful people could just not handle living in this crazy world. Men are not given the opportunity to express their full range of emotions, in this society, and I believe that is why they give in to their despair, taking their lives, more than women.

I thank God you have such a supportive male presence in your life now.

I am always vigilant about how my children are doing, and I know that their father's death has affected them profoundly. It breaks my heart to know this, but all I can do is be there for them. I spent a lot of time being very angry at Alan for leaving me with all the responsibility, but there it is. We do what we can and move forward, always, always choosing life.