Monday, March 5, 2012

Transcription of the report of the inquest into Ethel Bruce's accident Lynn News & Advertiser October 1888


On Monday an inquest was held before Mr T.L.Reed, coroner, on the body of Ethel Bruce,aged 10,who died from the results of an accident which occurred on Tuesday, 2nd inst. It appeared that her father, Charles Bruce, was driving Mr Paine's traction engine, to which was attached a drum and elevator, along the road from Wereham to West Dereham; and when opposite his cottage he stopped to take water for the engine. Ethel and another child ran out and got under the train, and then climbed on to the chain attaching the elevator to the engine. The engine soon afterwards proceeded, and the children rode on the chain for about 150 yards, when they dismounted, one of them safely, but Ethel fell, and though the wheels did not pass over her, one of them caught her left knee, inflicting a wound of a rather serious character. The poor child was taken home and a surgeon called in; but she died on Friday,5th inst, after intense suffering. The jury returned a verdict of "accidental death".

The above transcript records the inquest into Ethel Bruce's death as entered into the Wereham Log Book which I blogged about yesterday. As I mentioned when writing about Ethel's father Charles BRUCE(my gt grandfather) he was never the same after Ethel's death.


Mimi Foxmorton said...

Sweet gods. How terribly sad.
My Mum, 100 now, tells some tales of the misfortunes of the old days.

From an historical perspective, I am intrigued by the style in which articles were written back then. So much more personal, telling a (the) story, as it were. Never today would "poor child" be allowed.

I rather think that we should bring back the home town newspaper. :)

Loving it here.

Have a wonderful day.

fengirl said...

Hi Mimi, You are so right. language like 'poor child' just wouldn't get a look in would it? Wow your mum in 100!!!!!!! Thanks for dropping by again xx

SheilaMatilda said...

So sad Sheila, it is difficult to imagine how badly Charles must have felt afterwards. No counselling in those days either

Eric said...

How horrible! A tragedy for the whole family. Things like this happen, sadly. My uncle once backed a car over his two-year-old son, who had darted into the driveway unexpectedly. The boy died. Can't imagine having a child die in an accident involving the parent. Tragic is the only word for it.

fengirl said...

So sorry that such an event happened in your family.