Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Willows Crisp Company, Downham Market, Norfolk

This company was apparently co-owned by my grandad Richard  and a Mr TATT. I am trying to find documentation about it. So far, this advert from a c1951 town guide is the only thing I've been able to find.I would welcome any and all information about this company, which was in existence c1947-c1952 in Downham Market, Norfolk. I have been told that the company distributed their crisps to local pubs and cafes.

The images above are of the premises used by the company. They were taken in October 2011. Michael Knott told me that the 'factory' was very near to the Tatt's house, and also the Willows' Nature Reserve. I also knew that it was right by the railway line. This is the only building it could be. Derelict as you can see. That area is being redeveloped, so it may not be there for much longer.

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