Tuesday, April 3, 2012

John MIMMS fish hawker of Hampstead - my great, great uncle

John was born in 1797, the son of John and Lydia MIMMS.  He was the first to leave his birth village of Eynesbury, to travel towards London to start a new life,  soon after his mother died in 1821.

Flask Walk early 1900s
He travelled as far as Hendon, where he met and married a local girl Sarah PEACOCK. They settled in the old and select village of Hampstead where they raised seven children. John spent his whole life in Hampstead where he worked as a fish hawker. They lived in Flask Walk, behind Flask Inn (formerly known as The Thatched House).
The Flask owes its name to a philanthropic bequest of 1689 when ‘six acres of waste land lying and being about certain medicinal waters called the wells’ were given over to the benefit of the poor of Hampstead.  Spring water was placed into flasks, which were sold for threepence each. The water was said to have medicinal qualities, and was sold throughout London.

John may well have sold fish from a stall like this

John died in April 1863, aged 66,  and was buried in Hampstead St John Churchyard.


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