Thursday, April 5, 2012

MIMMS/JONES in Canada (continued from 30th March)

What I know about Margaret and John's children in Canada:

Having arrived in 1912, they had two further sons. Thomas E Jones in 1915, and Herbert Jones in 1917. 
Their John Arthur Jones married Victoria Edith Morrow on 9 Nov 1923, Carleton, Ontario.
Their daughter Ella Jones married Charles Walter Lavergne on 11 Feb 1926, Carleton, Ontario. She died on 4 Aug 1930 (perhaps in childbirth).

The 1930 US census shows that John and Margaret with two of their sons, Herbert and Thomas E, were living at Parson's Boulevard, Queens, New York City, USA. John was a plasterer. This census tells me the birth years of these two Canadian-born sons. It also tells me when the family went from Canada to USA (1924)

On 23rd Sep 1931, John Jones attempted to cross back from USA into Canada. Currently I don't know what took him to USA.  The manifest which has survived is full of useful information. It shows that he was aged 53, from Brighton, England, married, and his mother's name was Helen Jones, currently residing at Islington Rd, Brighton, Susses, England. Additionally, he had lived in Canada before, between 11 April 1907 and 16 Jun 1924 living at 19, Lett St, Ottawa. The address to which he was trying to travel was his son's house, Earl JONES, 15, Finlay Ave, Ottawa. He was in possession of $150. His application was rejected.

However, he tried again on 2 November 1931. He travelled to Ottawa, Ontario. This time, he stated that his previous place of residence was St John, NB. He was accepted. Margaret wasn't accompanying him.

She has her own manifest 24 days after John was readmitted. Dated 26 November 1931, as Mrs Margaret Jones, housewife, travelling with two Canadian born sons (not named). Previously resident in Canada 1912-1924, Ottawa.  Husband John Jones of 15, Findlay Ave, Ottawa. Next of kin, Louise Godden, sister, of 82, Preston Drive, Brighton, England. $25 to her name. They were accepted.

I was hoping to have received some photos of this branch by now, but have decided to post today as I want to get backto maternal father's line of the Weedens tomorrow., starting with Joseph WEEDEN's brother Richard James.


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